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Re: SMIv1 IMPORTS ModuleIdentifier

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Randy Presuhn wrote:

> > Are SMIv1 modules allowed to disambiguate imported references by
> > specifying an OID in the IMPORTS (presumably following ASN.1 and using an
> > OID assigned to module its self in its header, since SMIv1 doesn't have
> > MODULE-IDENTITY), or is it not allowed at all?
> ...
> Although this would be perfectly reasonable, and perhaps even desirable
> from an ASN.1 perspective, it would wreak havoc with programs trying
> to convert SMIv1 modules to SMIv2.

So you would expect a compiler to generate an error (rather than a
warning) for it, then, even if it is otherwise capable of dealing with it?

My question is really with regard to what to do (validation-wise) if faced
with one.  I don't expect it to wreak havoc on my converter, and I expect
I'll be capable of dealing with it once I'm capable of fully dealing with
the SMIv2 form, though it could require some manual work for the user to
complete the conversion.

Michael Kirkham