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Re: [802.1] MIB definitions for Link Aggregation

At 5/14/2003:05:47 AM, Les Bell wrote:


>Can anyone help with an answer to this question please?

To answer Murali's original question, "please let me know
whether it is correct to suffix ".1" for the standard normative
mib defition and use.":  No, as any sort of generic practical
way to approach MIB object naming that would not be correct.
However, following the MODULE-IDENTITY value most well-written
MIBs will then provide subordinate OIDs for the various major
"subsets" of the MIB, typically starting with a ".1" subset
(as a matter of rational ordering).  In this particular case,
that function is provided by the following line:

   lagMIBObjects OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { lagMIB 1 }

This MIB (i.e., the 2000 version to at the ptr provided by
Michael Kirkham) then defines two OBJECT-GROUPS (as .1 and .2)
under lagMIBObjects before defining the first specific MIB
object, dot3adTablesLastChanged, as lagMIBObjects.3.  Since
that object is a scalar, its instance suffice would be .0.

Anyway, as Michael already noted, this MIB has some problems
that would likely cause most compilers (at least those of the
variety used to build data structures for run-time SNMP access)
to complain.  A good tool for online checking of MIB syntax is
provided by SimpleWeb at:




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>Subject:  [802.1] MIB definitions for Link Aggregation
>Hello list,
>I have a doubt about the MIB recommonded in IEEE 802.3, 2000
>I copy-pasted the relevant information here for your reference.
>       LAST-UPDATED "9911220000Z"
>       ORGANIZATION "IEEE 802.3ad Working Group"
>          "stds-802-3-trunking@majordomo.ieee.org"
>          "The Link Aggregation module for managing IEEE
>       ::={iso member-body(2) us(840) 802dot3(10006)
>           linkagg(43)}
>    lagMIBObjects OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::={lagMIB 1 }
>I understand that "iso member-body(2) us(840) 802dot3(10006)
>snmpmibs(300) linkagg(43)" is for Link Aggregation.
>In that case, the "lagMIB MODULE-IDENTITY" should be having ".1"
>suffixed to the OID of the protocol.
>the relevant portion in the mib does not reflect this.
>I am not sure how i can use this directly using the
>also, i am not sure if the document is updated in the recent past
>and this descripancy is corrected.
>please let me know whether it is correct to suffix ".1" for the
>standard normative mib defition and use.
>thanks and regards
>Murali Krishna Vemuri