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Re: rfc2465

To expand on Brian's message a little.

The updates for 2012, 2013 and 2096 are mostly to add support for v6
to the analogues of the current objects.

The update for 2011 does this for the current objects and adds some
new objects that are primarily for v6.

As should be clear by now the intention is that 2465 and 2466 go away
and that people use the update to 2011.


   On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Brian Haberman wrote:
   > Harrington, David wrote:
   > > RFC2465 defines the mib containing the General Group for IPv6. How does
   > > this compare to RFC2011 - are both expected to be implemented on a
   > > system that supports IPv6?
   > Actually, there is an update to rfc 2011 that is designed to
   > support v4 and v6.  Basically, give the same level of functionality
   > for v6 that is available for v4 in 2011.  There are corresponding
   > changes for rfcs 2096, 2012, and 2013.
   > These updates are available on the ipv6 WG webpage.

   In case it wan't clear from Brian's message, the updated versions of
   RFC 2011 and RFC 2096 obsolete the RFC 2465.  My understanding is
   that RFC 2465 is not expected to be implemented in new systems.