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Colleagues --

As those of you who saw the recent announcement on the IETF-Announce
list will know, instead of getting rechartered and reactivated the
ifmib WG got closed down.  That leaves the IF-MIB (RFC 2863) at
Draft Standard and the IF-INVERTED-STACK-MIB (RFC 2864) at Proposed

It occurred to me that a useful interim step would be to collect the
implementation reports needed to advance RFC 2864 to Draft Standard,
and I have volunteered to do just that.  So, if you or your
organization has implemented the IF-INVERTED-STACK-MIB, I would
appreciate it if you would fill out the following template and
return it to me.  If you would prefer that your company's name not
be made public, please so indicate and its name will be omitted from
the public version of the implementation report (although it must be
disclosed to the IESG in order for the data to be included).

Note that the template below is intended to evaluate conformance
to the ifInvCompliance compliance statement, and consequently
requests information not only on the ifInvStackTable but also
on the ifStackTable and ifStackLastChange, which are defined in
IF-MIB.  Since ifInvCompliance does not have an OBJECT clause
that specifies a MIN-ACCESS of read-only for ifStackStatus, it
would be of particular interest to hear of implementations that
actually provide read-create access to that object.

In the template below please fill in the items in angle brackets
and if the information is available please attach the results of
a MIB dump of ifStackStatus, ifStackTable, and ifInvStackTable
(cf. RFC 2438).  I will put together a summary of the information
that is received and forward it to the IESG.


Mike Heard

Vendor implementation report for RFC 2864 (IF-INVERTED-STACK-MIB)
Evaluation of compliance statement ifInvCompliance

Legend: yes - implemented,
        no  - not implemented,
        ro  - implemented as read-only

Vendor                             <vendor name>

info as of                         <date>

ifInvStackGroup (this module)
  ifInvStackStatus                 <yes|no>

ifStackGroup2 (IF-MIB)
  ifStackStatus                    <yes|no|ro>
  ifStackLastChange                <yes|no>

<attach MIB dump of ifStackStatus, ifStackTable, ifInvStackTable>