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RE: SNMP improvements

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Wijnen, Bert (Bert) wrote:
> > The reason SMING and EOS were shut down is lack of volunteer effort -
> > nobody was willing to do the work.
> One other IMPORTANT factor was:
>    Any work that had actually been done, documented and discussed
>    did NOT reach any WG consensus as to where to go.

Indeed.  In the case of SMIng there was a complete proposal on the
table from the IRFT NMRG (with implementations) before the WG even
began.  But the WG did could not agree on this approach.  The
history is documented here:


> I.e. it is two things that are required:
>    - volunteers to do the work (editing, leading the WG, reviews, 
>      possible implementation and experimentation work).
>    - a willingness in the community to come to consensus on an
>      approach and technical solution.
> I think both were missing (certainly at the end).