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Re: tunnelMIB (RC2667) implementations and/or deployment


Wes Hardaker wrote:

Bert> I'd be interested to hear about implementations and/or
Bert> deployment of the tunnelMIB as defined in RFC2667.

Sorry for the late response, but this recently popped back into memory.

I'm coordinating with a number of vendors that need functionality
mostly like what is in the tunnel mib (specifically monitoring of the
endpoints, not so much configuration like Frank is doing).  However,
the show stopper for them using this mib is that it's IPv4 only.

I'd be willing to help bring it to IPv6 compliance, but it would
require re-rooting it (obviously) and republishing as proposed.

Why would it need to be re-rooted? The update to RFC 2096 that supports v6 and v4 stayed rooted at {ip 24}.