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RE: ID References Question

> hi,
> 	We are submitting a draft defining unified MIB for VRRPv2 and VRRPv3
> 	 protocol. 
> 	I am going through the review guidelines to verify that the draft is
> 	conforming to all the requirements. I have the following questions:
> 	The latest documents for both VRRPv2 and VRRPv3 protocols are in
> 	 the drafts stage.
> 	Is it OK to refer to these draft documents in the draft we are 
> 	submitting? Especially, Is it Ok to refer these drafts in the 
> 	'Abstract' section.
You cannot put citations in the abstract section at all (see RFC-Editor 
page that defines the policy)

Based on the below it is OK to put something in abstract aka
  (RFC xxxx)

> 	in the references section can we specify for example:
>    [rfcxxxx]  Robert Hinden, "Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol",
>               (draft-ietf-vrrp-spec-v2-09.txt), August 2003.
This looks ok to me. Sounds as a normative ref even.
You MIB doc will not becoem RFC till the rfcxxxx is also an RFC
and RFC-Editor normally takes care of syncing them up.

Hope this helps,
> Thanks
> kalyan