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questions on smilnt error

	I have the following error in the MIB we are planning to submit.
	I can't seem to find a way to resolve this. I will appreciate 
	any help identifying what the problem is. 

--- Snippet from MIB ---

    vrrpAssoIpAddrEntry OBJECT-TYPE 
        SYNTAX       VrrpAssoIpAddrEntry 
        MAX-ACCESS   not-accessible 
        STATUS       current 
            "An entry in the table contains an IPv4 address that is 
            associated with a virtual router. The number of rows for 
            a given ifIndex and VrId will equal the number of IPv4 
            addresses associated (e.g., backed up) by the virtual 
            router (equivalent to 'vrrpOperIpAddrCount'). 
            Rows in the table cannot be modified unless the value 
            of `vrrpOperAdminState' is `disabled' and the 
            `vrrpOperState' has transitioned to `initialize'." 
        INDEX    { ifIndex, vrrpOperVrId, vrrpAssoIpAddrType,  
                   vrrpAssoIpAddr } 
        ::= { vrrpAssoIpAddrTable 1 } 
------ end snip ----
                  File: VRRP-MIB

                 Severity level requested: 6

Line  Severity Problem 
 407   5  index of row `vrrpAssoIpAddrEntry' can exceed OID size 
          limit by  142subidentifier(s)