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RE: questions on smilnt error

Thanks a lot for solving the puzzle Michael.
Both yours and Heard's guesses were correct.

I did not realize InetAddress is 0-255. (I thought it is max of 6)

I will put in the SIZE constraint as you both suggested.

Thanks again for the quick help.

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Sent: 17 October, 2003 19:31
To: Tata Kalyan (NES/MtView)
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Subject: RE: questions on smilnt error

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 Kalyan.Tata@nokia.com wrote:

> 	I think you guessed it right, the program could be thinking
> 	that there is a problem with "vrrpOperVrId". as this is a
> 	TC declared locally?

Ah, no I guessed wrong.  vrrpOperVrId will only take up one subidentifier.
It's vrrpAssoIpAddr that is generating the warning:

>     vrrpAssoIpAddr OBJECT-TYPE
>         SYNTAX       InetAddress

InetAddress is defined in INET-ADDRESS-MIB as:

    SYNTAX      OCTET STRING (SIZE (0..255))

The InetAddress TC also has a note about this:

        "When this textual convention is used as the syntax of an
         index object, there may be issues with the limit of 128
         sub-identifiers specified in SMIv2, STD 58. In this case,
         the object definition MUST include a 'SIZE' clause to
         limit the number of potential instance sub-identifiers."

Whether the MIB Doctors will enforce that or not I don't know.  Since the
other indexes appear to be integers, you might consider putting in a size
limit just to avoid the warning that essentially codifies the already
imposed limit:

     vrrpAssoIpAddr OBJECT-TYPE
         SYNTAX       InetAddress (SIZE(0..112))

(for example.  may be slightly off but I'm being lazy in my counting.)

Michael Kirkham