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RE: [midcom] MIDCOM MIB design question

Hi JQ,

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> From: Juergen Quittek [mailto:quittek@ccrle.nec.de] 
> --On 12.12.2003 12:24 Uhr -0500 Harrington, David wrote:
> > The WG has selected SNMPv3 as the protocol (as the result of a
> > comparison of five existing IETF protocols), but most of 
> the WG are not
> > very SNMP-savvy and have difficulty conceptualizing the 
> solution in SNMP
> > terms.
> Thank you for the compliment.
> The point is that the SNMP community in turn is not very MIDCOM-savvy,
> so it is not that easy to produce a standard that satisfies 
> both parties.

Agreed. Uh ... And thanks for the compliment ;-)

And, let me thank you for driving hard to bridge the chasm between our

> Thank you for your patience.  I am afraid we MIDCOM people will need
> more of it until the MIDCOM MIB is mature.  I guess we are 
> still welcome
> to ask ignorant questions ;-)

As long as I'm still welcome to ask ignorant questions about MIDCOM as
well ;-)