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RE: Closing on NIM requirements

I am still trying to grapple with the idea of methods within an information
model. What does it mean to model methods in a declarative model which I
generally view as classes, attributes, and associations? Methods seem to
break repository models (which do not support them directly) as well as
protocol models that strictly set/get or add/remove named data (eg. SNMP). 

I view methods as being useful as mechanism for grouping attributes and
expressing the transactional semantics of attributes. Other than that, if
they are meant to imply CORBA/DCOM IDL-like notions, then I don't think they
belong in an "information model" because they are forcing it to become
implementation dependent. 


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> From: Weiss, Walter [mailto:WWeiss@lucentctc.com]
> Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2000 2:52 AM
> To: 'nim@ops.ietf.org'
> Subject: Closing on NIM requirements
> Folks,
> The next major issue is going to be settling on a modeling language.
> Numerous people have offered me there preferences. However, 
> before this
> discussion can begin, we need to reach some consensus on the 
> requirements
> document. I would like to see some comments submitted to the 
> list within the
> next week. If no comments are forthcoming, we will assume 
> that everybody is
> happy with the current requirements and we will move on this 
> next issue.
> regards,
> -Walter