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RE: Methods in the NIM requirements

At 02:16 19.04.2000 -0400, Weiss, Walter wrote:
>If I understand you correctly each interface should be represented in a
>method. Therefore, each interface should be represented as a methods. In
>addition, each interface should also have a set of attributes that provide
>an alternate interface. Is that what you are saying?
I don't understand the grammar above - "interface in a method"?

but generally, whatever works for the model in question.
in some cases, methods only work best, IMHO.
in some other cases, methods + attributes work best, IMHO.
I still haven't seen a case which I wanted to model with attributes only.

When USING the model, one can think of implementing the methods as 
attributes that have side effects (such as SNMP "magic" variables), or 
implementing the attributes as accessor methods (which in many programming 
languages (not SNMP) give you much more power of access control, syntax and 
consistency checking).

But the tool used for modelling shouldn't enforce an implementation.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway