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Re: Methods in the NIM requirements


I concur with this thinking. Object-oriented analysis and design have
proven to be very advantageous. I think SNMP needs to be migrated to a
more object-oriented model, and the NIM/CIM/DEN efforts may be doing
part of the work that needs to be done.


Juergen Schoenwaelder wrote:
> >>>>> David Harrington writes:
> David> I would consider it inappropriate to start from scratch with an
> David> information model and not consider all the IETF standards work
> David> that needs to be able to map to that information model.
> Yes, this is IMHO very important and I was arguing along this line
> before. However, we also need to look into the future and I think that
> we need methods to significantly simplify interactions. Sure, this
> makes algorithmic mappings more complex and we need at some point to
> answer the question whether
> (a) we try to map to existing technology which may turn out to be in
>     the general case either undoable or at least too nasty to explain
>     to the outside world, or
> (b) we evolve the technology itself along the creation of the NIM to
>     make the mappings simpler.
> The answer to this IMHO very fundamental question is the time scale of
> this work item we have in mind. I believe that any successful NIM work
> (which at some points reaches the break even point) will take years
> since it also implies work on the various technologies we have. If we
> strictly do (a) and limit NIM to the least common denominator, then I
> am sure we will restart in a few years from now.
> We need to move ahead (making those steps we think we understand).
> /js
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