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Re: Methods in the NIM requirements

on 05/03/2000 4:29 AM, Andrea Westerinen at andreawest@mindspring.com wrote:

> 2.  I would hope that living within an OO design paradigm is easier to
> extend and not ignore, than other design approaches.  An
> application/implementation has the advantage of using the inheritance
> hierarchy to code to "standard" properties and methods.  Will companies
> misbehave?  Sure, but this does not make the standard wrong.
> Andrea

I very much agree with all these points - no issue. I also agree with your
observation about companies misbehaving. That is that does not make the
standard wrong. My point in the earlier notes to John S. was that while the
standards might not be wrong, they may be irrelevant. That has been and
remains my concern in a context even broader than the current discussion. I
have and can offer no solution.