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Re: Status update

>>>>> Walter Weiss writes:

Walter> I have stated publicly on numerous occassions that I am not
Walter> interested in coming up with yet another language (existing or
Walter> new) that adds work rather than deminish it.

Yes. This would be kind of a disaster.

Walter> On the other hand, it will be hard to place dependencies on
Walter> other working groups when the outcome is still in
Walter> question. Hence, I see little value in advocating a model for
Walter> using the results of this activity (to the IETF at large)
Walter> until after this activity is formalized and the outcome of the
Walter> work is a little clearer.

Which really sounds as if this activity belongs into the IRTF rather
than the IETF. I know an IRTF group which is already working on ideas
closely related to NIM... ;-)


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