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RE: Is UML an option for the IETF?

Title: RE: Is UML an option for the IETF?

There are two main reasons for an ASCII text representation:
1. Machine readable (Tools should be able to read/compile the model).
2. Human readable (All IETF documents are [currently] written in a fixed format ASCII file).

Both needs must be satisfied, preferably in a single document. In other words, it is conceivable that a standard comprises two documents (one for machines and one for humans). However, the overhead in ensuring consistency between the two makes this alternative less attractive.



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> Subject: RE: Is UML an option for the IETF?
> How about using XMI as the standard? That is ASCII, and the
> various UML
> tools can export and import it. It's not really for human
> beings, but it is
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> At 11:02 04/09/2000 -0400, Tom Scott wrote:
> >1. A combination of text and UML graphics would be a practical
> >solution, keeping in mind that the "official" version would be the
> >text and possibly a few simplified "ascii art" representations.
> there is an ASCII representation format for UML documents.
> The VB Visual Modeller saves its .mdl files in ASCII, doing
> things like
>              (object Class "CustomerManager"
>                  quid            "389020F8019E"
>                  superclasses    (list inheritance_relationship_list
>                      (object Inheritance_Relationship
>                          quid            "38902107016D"
>                          supplier        "Logical View::Customer"
>                          quidu           "389002BC0253")))
> When I tried to find the basis for this in the UML
> documentation, I did not
> get very far, but there were references suggesting that the format was
> based on an SGML DTD, and WAS part of the standard.
> Publishing the ASCII that allows reproduction of the diagrams is an
> acceptable method.
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