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Re: london scheduling


Our plan has been and remains not to meet in London. We hope to be at or near 
working group last call by the time of the meeting. It will be close. If 
things take a bad turn David Partian and I will be sure to request a slot 
before the deadline but for now our plan is not to meet.

> agenda folk at secretariat claim to have only received approved requests for
> the following:
> > (aaa) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting WG - TWO SLOTS (approved)
> > (entmib) Entity MIB WG
> > (ipfx) IP Flow Export BOF
> > (mboned) MBONE Deployment WG
> > (ngtrans) Next Generation Transition WG
> > (rap) Resource Allocation Protocol WG -  TWO SLOTS
> > (rmonmib) Remote Network Monitoring WG -  TWO SLOTS (approved)
> have i or bert dropped the ball on others, should we be expecting your
> requests any day now, or will it be a nice quiet meeting?
> randy


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