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51th WGs and BOFs scheduling

  From: Dinara Suleymanova <dinaras@ietf.org>

  Please find below the list of WGs and BOFs requested for slots at 51th IETF 
  in London. The last updates have been made today, June 25, 2001. Should you 
  have any comments or questions please contact us.

  1. (aaa) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting WG  TWO SLOTS (approved)
  2. (entmib) Entity MIB WG
  3. (ipfx) IP Flow Export BOF
  4. (mboned) MBONE Deployment WG
  5. (multi6) Site Multihoming in IPv6 WG
  6. (ngtrans) Next Generation Transition WG
  7. (rap) Resource Allocation Protocol WG -  TWO SLOTS   (STILL UNAPPROVED)
  8. (rmonmib) Remote Network Monitoring WG -  TWO SLOTS (approved)