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51st IETF WG/BOF Scheduling

From: agenda@ietf.org
Subject: 51st IETF WG/BOF Scheduling

Below is the list of requests received from WGs and BOFs to this date, 
the 28th of June 2001.

1. (aaa) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting WG
2. (bmwg) Benchmarking Methodology WG
3. (disman) Distributed Management WG
4. (dnsop) Domain Name Server Operations WG
5. (entmib) Entity MIB WG
6. (eos) Evolution of SNMP WG
7. (hubmib) Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG
8. (ipfx) IP Flow Export BOF
9. (mboned) MBONE Deployment WG
10. (multi6) Site Multihoming in IPv6 WG
11. (ngtrans) Next Generation Transition WG
12. (rap) Resource Allocation Protocol WG -  TWO SLOTS
13. (rmonmib) Remote Network Monitoring WG -  TWO SLOTS
14. (sming) Next Generation Structure of Management Information WG