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RE: draft-morrow-filter-caps-00 comments

> The performace degradation I was aiming at was: "console 
> access" or "management access" limitations... a 7206 can 
> filter (sort of) 5kpps aimed at the device once you put on 
> recieve-path acls, but it won't be very happy about that 
> filtering and device CPU will shoot to 99% :( That's 
> unacceptable. Filtering "TO THE DEVICE" should have no impact 
> on device CPU/management/console...

Which laws of phyisic are you looking for? If all you have is a CPU to
process packets, that CPU cycles will be spent on any packet - whether it is
a data plane packet of a management/control plane packet. So how do you
expect complainance with "no impact on device CPU/manage/concole" when all
you have is a CPU once you saturate the cycles, you have to sacrifices
something. If you set the time slices to allow the console to always have a
slice, then you are taking away time slices from something else in the CPU
processing queue (forwarding, routing protocols, management, etc.).