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Re: draft-morrow-filter-caps-00 comments

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 11:25:48 -0800, Barry Raveendran Greene
<bgreene@cisco.com> wrote:
> The "whether to or not to Layer 2" strikes me as out of touch with network
> realities in the world. 

That's why we have working groups and open discussions (and why I'm trying
to get people who are more in touch with current technologies/tends to
do the writing this time around).

ETTx broadband is all over Asia - with Asia being
> the one area of the world really sustaining Internet growth. These are
> factors that must be considered. Otherwise we'll have a requirements
> document that fits a few US providers and no one else. That would not be in
> the best interest of the community.

Thanks for the perspective.