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RE: Control Plane Security of ISP Network

Does anyone have a clear definition of "in-band" vs. "out-of-band" in this

For example, can we consider anything that contacts the same interface as
data traffic "in-band"?
(i.e. IPSec or SSL connection for management)

Or can it be over the same network, just a different interface (VLAN)?

Or does it have to be separate interface/separate network (NOC)?

Or does it have to be completely non-ip (serial-port)?

All of these scenarios are in use today.  In my opinion, in-band would
probably fall somewhere around VLANs (my theoretical half says they're OOB,
but my practical half can still connect the dots).


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May want to i

May want to include a requirement to the document:

Under no circumstance will there be a separation of faith between the
control and the data planes; that is, control plane thinks everything is
solid, and the data plane is out cold, or vice versa.

Personally, I think we can do a lot to protect the control traffic even
when it is in-band that such a separation is unnecessary.


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