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Re: What about X.805? (was RE: Control Plane Security of ISP Network)

On 6/6/05, Barry Greene (bgreene) <bgreene@cisco.com> wrote:
> For definitions, why not use X.805? What are people's thoughts on X.805?
> http://www.ietf.org/IESG/LIAISON/itut-sg17-ls-x805-end2end-communication
> s.pdf

Looks very well thought out.

It's focus is end-to-end.   Only difference I see is that in OPSEC terms
security is largely about availability of the middle, not the ends.
You could, I suppose, view management-station-to-network-element
as a form of end-to-end.

> Is a good place to start.

Yes.   After a quick look, I think it deserves  a  more thorough look.

Merike (when you get back): what overlaps do you see ?

---George Jones