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Re: draft-zhao-opsec-routing-capabilities-00

I take issue with
" The control plane is responsible for carrying the control information
   or signaling of the IP network. Its major elements are various
   unicast and multicast routing protocols."
as I would expect WGs like MPLS and GMPLS to do.  The control plane is much more
than routing, it includes signalling too, and signalling is not routing.  These
are murky waters where I see no agreed IETF-wide definition of the planes (user,
data, control, management etc) and I see different working groups taking
different views.

I think your focus is on routing so that is what you should say, stressing the
importance of it, while avoiding too many statements about what is and is not in
the control plane eg
"The control plane is responsible for carrying the control information
   of the IP network; unicast and multicast routing protocols form a key part of

Of course, if the draft were extended to cover all aspects of the control plane,
that would be great, but perhaps it is better to start simple(?).

Tom Petch

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> Hi , folks
> Miao and I have finished a draft about security of the control plane. The
> document tries to sum up the capabilities of control plane for IP networks.
> The URL is
> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-zhao-opsec-routing-capabilities-00
> .txt
> All comments are appreciated.
> thanks,
> zhaoye