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RE: passive packet measurement

>> we are trying to keep psamp and ipfix efforts separate.  
> what is the concensus of the IETF AD's and such about the
> feasibility of a PSAMP WG?  Is it going to BOF in March?

such consensus has not been tested.  but many of the iesg are
aware and helped focus the ipfix charter knowing psamp was on
the horizon.

whether and when it becomes a wg depends on how much work
happens on this mailing list.

> Out of curiosity, who else is involved other than AT&T?
> What is the interest coming out from others?

i have talked with other ops and research friends, and both
communities seem to want it.  the ops folk are not so flow-
oriented, but can't get stats off a multi-OC192 box.  and the
researchers at the darpa pi meeting earlier this week sure
seemed to want any rigorous sampling we could give them.  a
coupla vendors are also talking, which is key.


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