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RE: next step

I'm similarly wary of enlarging the scope beyond measurement. PSAMP
shouldn't work on applications, it should enable them. The model I
have is that vendors can chose to build on-board applications, such
as those Senthil describes. PSAMP's role would be to make the
measurements and present them to those applications.
    I am very much in line with your points that PSAMP goals should 
be more focused towards measurements and architecture for packet 
sampling .But,what i meant is *focusing on some on-board applications 
( again stressing as bcp) will surely give more idea on places WHERE PACKET SAMPLING CAN BE EFFECTIVELY APPLIED and also as a mean to STANDARDIZE as 
pointed out by will*.I will stick back to the original charter( if you
still feel i am talking something which is beyond the scope of PSAMP )