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RE: Packet Selectors and Packet Information

> 1. Selectors for packet sampling.
> Define the set of primitive packet selection operations for network
> 2. Packet Information. 
> Specify extent of packet that is to be made available for reporting...

> General Question:
> a) Should these topics be separated into 2 documents, or 
> combined into 1
>    (as the charter suggests)?

Hi Andy,

(2) is low complexity compared to (1), and there is appeal in getting
easy things out of the way.

A low complexity, universal, solution (discussed earlier on the list; by
me, Sonia Panchen, Derek Chiou) that should stand the test of time is to
define the info avail for reporting to be the first n bytes, with n
somewhat configurable.  This info might be compressed or hashed.
Selector type/id should be associated with the report of this info.
Other than that, selector specification and packet-info appear uncoupled
to me, and could be treated in separte docs.


-- Albert

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