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Re: Packet Selectors and Packet Information

At 12:19 AM 8/17/2002 -0700, Ganesh Sadasivan wrote:
>> Packet selectors are different than sampling algorithms, at least
>> that is the operational model being proposed. These are pre-sample
>> filters that potentially reduce the set of eligible packets for
>> sampling from the set of all packets on an interface.  The sampling
>> algorithm runs on this potentially reduced set of packets.
>The above means a  a packet is subject to a set of pre-sampled selectors
>followed by  a sampling algorithm. Isn't that too restrictive. The charter says:
>"The focus of the WG will be to (i) specify a set of selection operations by
>which packets are sampled "
>The way I interpreted it is to specify a list of  selection operations eg.
>filters, hash functions or sampling (as it is used today)  to pick the packets.
>.i.e the packet is subject to one or more of the list of selection

what is too restrictive?
The use of pre-filters before sampling is consistent with the
charter text.  It's up to the application to configure them,
if needed.  They are useful in some cases to help focus on
specific protocols or hosts, to effectively raise the
sampling rate and allow for more relevant data in the
export stream.



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