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Re: Packet Selectors and Packet Information


Andy Bierman wrote:

e) Is there any existing publicly available work (e.g. IPFIX) that
can be used as-is, or adapted, for PSAMP packet selection?
Chapter 4 of the IPFIX requirement draft contains a list of properties which a metering process should be able to distinguish for the flow classification. In IPFIX these properties are used to assign packets to flows. The same properties (maybe extended) could be used for the PSAMP filtering process. Furthermore, the configuration of these parameters is out of scope for IPFIX. So it would be very useful if PSAMP comes up with a scheme to define and configure these parameters which could be also used for configuring the IPFIX metering process.

Furthermore, I always saw filtering and sampling as different processes for packet selection which could be applied alone or together.
I remember that we discussed the placement of sampling with Sonia when we defined the IPFIX metering process (section 2.3) in the requirements document. We came to the conclusion that sampling may be applied at any place in the sequence. Therefore I also think that we should not fix the sequence in which filtering and sampling is done in PSAMP.


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