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RE: draft on sampling techniques

> The default values of the sampling parameters should be safe. They 
> should ensure that the number of sampled packets is no more 
> than 0.01% 
> of the packets carried by the link observed or that they do 
> not add up 
> to more than 0.01% of the link capacity. These constraints 
> should hold 
> over any 30 second time interval. A configuration of the sampling 
> function that samples no packets at all is safe.


Can you explain where these figures come from? 

I understand that they are just default values. I also understand that we are talking about two different links - the link observed, where no more than one packet in 10,000 should be picked by the sampling process, and the link that exports the sampled information where no more than 1/10,000 additional bandwidth should be allowed for each filter on an observed link.

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