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psamp vocabulary

> I wonder whether this "invariance" in the selected packet stream when swappig
> the order of selectors can be considered a generally "desirable" property.
> while it is for some application (e.g trajectory sampling), for some other
> (e.g. traffic profiling) what matters is only that, independently of selector
> ordereing,
> 1) the amount of selected packets doesn't (significantly) change
> 2) the selected sample has a distribution of the metric of interest similar
> to that of the parent population, so that it can be correctly inferred
> analyzing the sample.

Invariance frees psamp from specifying the order and allows different vendors
to implement the selectors in different way w/o affecting the results.  When
it comes to high speed interfaces, its much easier to implement the selectors
in the order that the packet arrives, than having to provide random access to
the packet header.

	Rae McLellan

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