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Dear all,

Here is a new version of the PSAMP protocol draft.
Not many big changes, I must admit,  as we've been all pretty busy with the IPFIX protocol draft.

Anyway, here is a list of changes
- Rewritten section 2 "Introduction"
- Section 3 "Terminology" is not yet copied over but this will be a simple operation once the IPFIX protocol, IPFIX architecture and IPFIX information model drafts will be in sync. (we're almost there)
- Section 4 "Differences between PSAMP and IPFIX" rewritten
- References updated

As always, your feedback is welcome. The first sections "open issues" and "action items" have been updated and numbered. Please correct me if I missed some. Don't forget to also propose some new text when you address an issue ;)
To get the draft right now (this is a busy week for the drafts admin.), follow the procedure below.
To get these files, please do the following...

   1. With a Netscape or Internet Explorer web browser open
      the following URL:
   2. Enter all your details and at the 'Special Access Code' prompt, 
      enter in MDIVZUEM
   3. Click on the 'Submit' button.  This will bring you
      to a web page listing your files for pickup.
   4. Select each file listed.  Each selection will take
      you to the Software Download web page; click on any
      Site listed to download your file to your local disk
Regards, Juergen and Benoit