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Re: Begin WG Last Call: draft-psamp-framework-05.txt


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From: Juergen Quittek <quittek@ccrle.nec.de>
To: Benoit Claise <bclaise@cisco.com>
Cc: Andy Bierman <abierman@cisco.com>; psamp@ops.ietf.org
Date: 25 February 2004 09:28
Subject: Re: Begin WG Last Call: draft-psamp-framework-05.txt

>--On 24.02.2004 20:14 Uhr +0100 Benoit Claise wrote:
>> Juergen, Andy,
>> I wanted to review the framework draft before the deadline. I'm a little
bit late I know ;)
>I am not willing to close WG last call without
>indication that the document was thoroughly reviewed.
>And except for the discussion on the targeted document
>status there was no such indication, yet.
>So yes, you miss the deadline set originally,
>but the call is still open.
>All others on the list:
>If your time allows, PLEASE have a look at this document
>and send us your comments!

Ah well, if you insist.

I do not think this document is ready for submission; the content is there
but I have to work hard, too hard, to extract it and even then I am not
sure if I have understood.  It is a question of presentation and style,
possibly of target audience.

To give but three examples.

1) Abstract.  What I think this is saying is

Many network management tasks depend on having timely information about
traffic.  This document describes a framework for traffic sampling. Traffic
is sampled at Observation Points, using Selectors, and then exported as a
summary Report to one or more Collectors.  The Observation Points may be
dedicated devices or integral with any networking box.  The possible
Selectors, which can be configured by the user, have been chosen to suit
operation with high-speed interfaces.  The Collector may be integral with
the Observation Point or remote from it.

If I am right, then the document should changed to make this clearer.  If I
am wrong, then the document should be changed to make what it is clearer:-)

2) A glossary of terms (pp4-6) is useful.  Most reference books I use have
one, but at the back, for reference, not in the middle of the flow of what
I am trying to comprehend.  And with most glossaries I know where to look
for what I want because I can divine the order eg alphabetical or of
importance or ....  Here, I know not where to look.  First comes
Observation Point, clearly important.  If I understand aright, then equal
in importance are Collectors and Selectors but to get to these I have to go
Observed Packet Stream: Packet Stream: Selection Process: Packet Content:
Selection State: (ah-ha) Selector: Composite Selection Process:  Primitive
Selection Process: Composite Selector: Primitive Selector: Reporting
Process: Report Stream: (still with me?) Packet Reports: Report
Interpretation: Measurement Process: Export Process: Collector: (gotcha)
why? what is this order aimed at? and why the glossary here in the midst of
the document?

3) The diagram on pp 6/7 is most helpful or it would be if it were on a
page.  Split across two does make it far harder to use (as I found it a
hotel room in Minneapols where I first read it).  Obvious perhaps but this
has not been changed when it could have been by now.

As I said, but three examples.  The underlying issues apply to many if not
most of the paragraphs in the I-D.

I think that the document is useful once what is in the document has been
understood; it is not useful if I want to know what PSAMP is about.  And a
framework document should be - IMO - an introduction, a level one not a
level three document.

Tom Petch

>    Juergen
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>>>>>> Sent: 31 January, 2004 12:10 AM
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>>>>>> Subject: Re: Begin WG Last Call: draft-psamp-framework-05.txt
>>>>>> Dear all,
>>>>>> Inline please find a small correction of the WG last call.
>>>>>> --On 30.01.2004 19:39 Uhr +0100 Juergen Quittek wrote:
>>>>>> > Dear all,
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> > The PSAMP WG has completed work on
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >    A Framework for Packet Selection and Reporting.
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> > The WG proposes that the I-D 'draft-psamp-framework-05.txt'
>>>>>> > is the completed version of this document.
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> > The WG members are strongly urged to review this document as
>>>>>> > soon as possible, and express any concerns, or identify any
>>>>>> > in an email to the PSAMP WG mailing list.
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> > Unless there are strong objections, published on the PSAMP
>>>>>> WG mailing
>>>>>> > list by Friday, February 20th, this document will be forwarded
>>>>>> > to the OPS Area Directors for standards track consideration by
>>>>>> > the IESG.
>>>>>> This is not correct. Considering the nature of the document
>>>>>> the target will be an informational RFC.
>>>>>>     Juergen
>>>>>> > Please send all comments to the WG mailing list at
>>>>>> psamp@ops.ietf.org.
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> > Thanks,
>>>>>> >
>>>>>> >     Juergen
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