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status of framework I-D and packet selection I-D

Dear all,

This is an update on the status of the first two I-Ds we have to complete soon.

The WG last call on the PSAMP framework (draft-ietf-psamp-framework-07.txt)
is closed.  Issues were raised on the mailing list during last call and
the authors are working on discussing how to modify the document in order
to close these issues.

Unfortunately, the discussion on the issues was not made on the mailing list.
I asked the authors to bring the discussion back to the mailing list or to
conclude it soon.

The revised draft will be posted as new version of the I-D.  Andy and I
will check it and submit it to our AD.

Tanja promised to post a new version of the packet selection I-D very soon
after the new version of the framework I-D is available.  Then this I-D
will immediately enter WG last call.  Tanja is waiting for the framework I-D,
because the terminology, that should be consistent between the two documents,
is affected by the changes to be applied to the framework I-D.

I expect that the WG last call on the packet selection I-D is closed when
we meet again in Washington.  There we will discuss the protocol I-D and the
information model I-D.  For the PSAMP MIB I-D, most issues should be solved
when we close WG last call on the packet selection I-D.  So I expect very
little discussion on this I-D at our meeting.


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