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RE: Hashing function for PSAMP

At 10:29 AM 1/28/2005, duffield@research.att.com wrote:

I'm not suggesting that we remove any hash functions from
the spec. All but one can be SHOULD or MAY implement, and one 
can be MUST implement.  If that needs to be different for  
selection and digesting then that's fine.  I don't believe
that it has been demonstrated that IPSX is vital to PSAMP, 
such that it should be a MUST requirement.  (MAY is okay).
I don't think that SW-based speed improvement for IPv4
is a good enough reason to make this mandatory for all


>Note that distinct hashes are required for selection and digesting. This
>could be achieved using a single parameterizable hash function, i.e.,
>using different parameters to get different hashes. Both CRC32 and BOB
>have initial vectors that could be used for this purpose. 
>Any choice of initial vectors should be evaluated to determine whether
>they work (i.e. produce two sufficiently random and mutually independent
>hashes). Users will want to be able to set and change these parameters,
>and keep them private in order to keep prevent subversion of the hash.
>Is there any need to standardize the parameters? Perhaps it is useful to
>recommend one pair of parameters that works (in the above sense).
>Are router development folks happy with the computational requirement
>for BOB (or CRC32) to be computed on every packet, if it is used as the
>selection hash? 
>It seems there is still some benefit to having IPSX available for
>(i) IPSX is fast so could more easily be used by psamp devices with
>lower computational abilities. 
>(ii) IPSX is independent of the other hash functions under consideration
>(BOB and CRC32) 
>(iii) IPSX is very simple, so there is not much more overhead it making
>it available; 
>(iv) IPSX could be simply extended to take input for IPv6 (either more
>input, or just a different 16 bytes). Or if we already have one IPv6
>capable selection hash function standardized (say BOB), does any
>additional standardized hash function also need to be IPv6 capable, or
>is IPv4 sufficient?
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>> At 05:37 AM 1/27/2005, Juergen Quittek wrote:
>> >Dear all,
>> >
>> >Currently, the packet selection document has IPSX mandatory for
>> >selection and CRC32 mandatory for packet digest.
>> >
>> >The problem I see with this recommendation is that IPSX is not
>> >for IPv6.  It does not sound like a good idea to have it mandatory
>> >IPv6 systems.
>> >
>> >Here are two alternatives:
>> >
>> >1. Make IPSX mandatory for IPv4 packet selection and BOB mandatory
>> >  for IPv6 packet selection.
>> >  Then, with BOB implemented anyway, we should then replace CRC32
>> >  with BOB for packet digest, because both perform similarly and
>> >  there is no good reason for forcing implementors to support also
>> >  a third hash function.
>> >
>> >2. Just make BOB mandatory for packet selection and packet digest.
>> >  This would simplify implementation, because only a single function
>> >  is required.  For packet digest this should be OK, see 1.
>> >  A disadvantage is that BOB is slower than IPSX by factor 7.
>> >  An advantage is, that BOB is free of IPR, while IPSX is protected
>> >  by a patent.
>> >
>> >Does anybody have a preferences for 1., 2., or the current choice?
>> I prefer (2) because we can't ignore IPv6 and we are selecting
>> a hash algorithm for interoperability, so we really only need
>> one of them.  (Consider the extra expense for HW-assisted
>> implementations.)
>> >Thanks,
>> >
>> >   Juergen
>> Andy
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>> >--On 24.01.2005 16:56 Uhr +0100 Saverio Niccolini wrote:
>> >
>> >>Dear all,
>> >>I would like to ask a simple question to the list.
>> >>As you have seen in the "Sampling and Filtering Techniques for IP
>> >>Selection" draft we have tried to give suggestions on which is the
>> >>hash function in order to do packet sampling.
>> >>
>> >>Hash Functions Suitable for Packet Selection
>> >>1. IPSX
>> >>(2. BOB)
>> >>
>> >>Hash Functions Suitable for Packet Digesting
>> >>1. CRC-32
>> >>(2. BOB)
>> >>
>> >>Thinking about it and doing some additional tests it turned out
>> >>1) IPSX can only accepts 16 bytes as input --> it is not useful for
>> >>packets.
>> >>Do we want to stay with IPSX that is 7 times faster than BOB but can
>> >>be used with IPv6 packets? What is the list feeling about this?
>> >>
>> >>2) BOB is faster than CRC-32 (on software implementation) and
>> >>as good collision probability as CRC-32.
>> >>Do we still want to recommend CRC-32 because we believe that
>> >>implementation of CRC-32 are already out or we just would like to
>> >>promote BOB to recommended and CRC-32 as optional?
>> >>
>> >>I am asking this because we are going to submit a new version of the
>> >>draft and we would definitely like to fix this issue.
>> >>
>> >>Thanks in advance for your comments,
>> >>Saverio
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