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some more comments on draft-ietf-psamp-sample-tech-05.txt

Dear all,

In order to produce the next version of the PSAMP MIB, I've reviewed the "sampling and filtering techniques for IP packet selection" draft... this time with a PSAMP MIB hat. I still have a few comments on the draft.

1. section 2 "PSAMP Documents Overview"
[PSAMP-MIB] "Definitions of Managed Objects for Packet Sampling" describes the PSAMP management Information Base.
I see that the current MIB description use the same definition. However, the MIB specifications go well beyond sampling... there is also filtering and hashing!
What about "definitions of managed objects for sampling and filtering techniques for IP packet selection"?
- the draft "A Framework for Packet Selection and Reporting" should be changed accordingly
- the MIB definition should be changed accordingly

2. "Packet Content" definition

3. If I recall correctly, the following terms have been changed in the latest "A Framework for Packet Selection and Reporting" (at least I recall some discussions on the mailing list): population size, sample size, configured selection fraction, attained selection fraction

4. Table in section 4
Change "Filter" to "Filtering" in the category column
Same section, change "cascade of a filter and a Sampling scheme" to "cascade of Filtering and Sampling schemes"

5. Section
Still non-ascii characters with "sample and hold" and "local export"

6. Section
"In the former case determines pseudorandom variates rather than selection probabilities" ??

7. Section 6.3 "Router State Filtering"
Remove the OR.

8. Section 7
"In order to be compliant with PSAMP, it is sufficient to implement one of the proposed schemes".
As far as I recall, this will be a standard track document, so it should be written in a more formal way.
"In order to be compliant with PSAMP, one least of the proposed scheme MUST be implemented"

9. section 7.1
SELECTOR_ID: ... the ID can be calculated under consideration of the ASSOCIATIONS and a local ID.
What does the "under consideration" mean?

10. section 7.1
case non-uniform probabilistic and case flow state both refer to section
However, both the method descriptions and the section don't clearly explain which SELECTOR_PARAMETERS we need

11. section 7.1
"The ASSOCIATIONS field describes the Observation Point and (possibly) the IPFIX processes"
Possibly -> optionally without parentheses.
Note: the MIB should take care that these parameters are optional. Proposal: a value of 0 means unspecified?

12. section 7.1
Case Matching -> this is not too clear that these are pairs of (field, value). And that in case of multiple match criteria, we have several "case matching" bound by a logical AND.
BTW, IPFIX speaks of information element and not field, so I guess it should be a (information element, value) pair.

13. section 7.1
case hashing -> this is not too clear how the parameters in there match the definitions of hash domain, hash range, hash selection range, hash-based selection, etc... BTW I have the same problem with the MIB definitions (which obviously match these definitions)

14. section 7.1
"all router state entries can be linked by AND, OR, NOT operators" ->to be limited by AND

15. there are still a lot of capitalized terms before definition. The list is too long is to described in an email.
Either use the find function, either call me as I marked them down on the paper draft I reviewed.

Regards, Benoit.

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