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Stepping down as PSAMP Co-Chair


Due to a change in jobs, and an increase in the amount of time
that WG Chairs with lots of documents need to spend, I need
to reduce the number of WGs that I chair or co-chair.
Therefore, I have decided to step down as co-Chair of the PSAMP WG.

I think the PSAMP Framework, Sampling, and MIB documents are in
great shape and the authors and WG did an excellent job on them. I'm
confident the rest of the documents will be just as good when they
are done. I'm sure Juergen, Benoit, and others who are deeply
involved in both IPFIX and PSAMP efforts will make sure implementations
will be able to support both technologies with minimal overlap effort,
which (IMO) makes them worth the wait.

I will still follow the WG mailing list and try to attend the meetings (this time
via jabber though).


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