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Re: Open Issue 6: Associations ID -> Selection Path

Hi Benoit,

I also prefer Selection Path.

Kind regards,

Benoit Claise wrote:

Dear all,

The PSAMP open issue 6 is the following:

   Even if the notion of Associations ID is mentioned in [PSAMP-TECH],
maybe a term such as SelectionPath or PathID would be more appropriate.

The background of this issue is the following.
[PSAMP-TECH] specifies the Associations ID like this:

ASSOCIATIONS Values: <STREAM ID, IPFIX Metering process ID, IPFIX Exporting process ID, IDs of other associated processes> With STREAM ID: Observation point ID AND List of SELECTOR_IDs However, we concluded during the last IETF meeting that we don't need the IPFIX Metering and Exporting Process ID.
So we're left with:

   Values: <Observation point ID, List of SELECTOR_IDs>

Since we don't associate anymore the observation point with processes, it was proposed to change the name:
from "Associations ID" to "Selection Path" or "Path ID".

Personally, I prefer the Selection Path term, along with the selectionPath I.E. For the simple reason that we speak of selection methods all over in the PSAMP drafts.


Regards, Benoit.

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