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IPFIX and PSMAP information model: applicability field

Dear all,

The IPFIX IE's have a property that's not directly displayed in the draft, except in the XML: "applicability".

The history behind this "applicability" field is that it should have been used as a guideline, expressing whether a specific Information Element should be used in a data record, an option record or both of them. However, the property is used in [IPFIX-INFO] without any definition - except the values are "option", "data" and "all".

While working on the PSAMP information elements, we concluded that this "applicability" field doesn't make sense anymore.
1. It's a guideline anyway, not a specification
2. It's present in the XML text only, while the non-XML text is the authoritative source
3. There are no definitions

So the proposal is to remove this "applicability" field from both [IPFIX-INFO] and [PSAMP-INFO].

Regards, Benoit.

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