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Re: Potential RADIUS-related work items

(Repost, had a problem with my mailer configs.)

Bernard Aboba wrote:

It appears that  we have 4 potential work items:

a. Attribute space extension   ETA: 06/04
b. RADIUS Transport Profile    ETA: 06/04
c. RADIUS Prepaid              ETA: 09/04?
d. RADIUS attributes for WLAN  ETA: 12/04?

Looks good. I'd scope the transport draft very, very
narrowly. Didn't the SIPPING group ask for
RADIUS HTTP Digest? Also, it since there is
ongoing DIameter work on prepaid and digest,
it would be useful to coordinate the digest/prepaid
and maybe wlan work so that co-existence of the
protocols can be assured without spending too
much effort on the translation devices. That is,
please do not invent widely different schemes
for the two protocols ;-)


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