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Re: RADIUS BOF agenda

Bernard Aboba <aboba@internaut.com> wrote:
> draft-sterman-aaa-sip-00.txt
> As far as I can see, there has been no work on this draft in quite a
> while. Is there any interest in continuing to work on it?

  There are multiple interoperable implementations, so it looks pretty
much done.  However, I believe it's subject to MITM attacks, so it
probably needs updating.

> draft-moskowitz-radius-client-kickstart-00.txt
> Little progress recently on this.  Any interest in moving forward?

  There are many networks where administrators have been using bad
hacks to support clients with dynamic IP's.  e.g. Shared secrets for an
entire network, looking up clients based on RADIUS attributes, etc.

  This proposal addresses a problem which currently exists in the
deployment and use of RADIUS.  I'm in favour of moving it forward.

  I don't, as yet, have comments on the other drafts.

  Alan DeKok.

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