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RE: QoS attributes

David Nelso wrote:

> Provisioning detailed, and more importantly, potentially 
> dynamic, QoS parameters as authorization information in 
> RADIUS or any other AAA protocol is probably not the right 
> thing to do.  What ought to be provisioned is a "level of 
> service" indication (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, platinum) 
> that can be used by each NAS to modify the QoS parameter 
> negotiation process for each session. 

It requires that each Hot Spot for example understand what to deliver to a
Bronze User or a Gold user etc.....

Like filter id, this just does not scale!

We need a way to explicitly push attributes down to the NAS.  Equally
important is to make sure that the NAS tell us what it can currently honour.
This will alow the home RADIUS to make an appropriate policy decision.

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