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RE: QoS attributes

Hi Nagi,

I am not sure what does subtitles have to do with QoS but If I
understood your example in 3) correctly, you want to see movie over the
internet and have same experience as in DVD. If this is correct then you
would be using something similar to RTSP in the control plane (RTSP
provides VCR like functionality of start, stop, forward, rewind, Pause
etc.). As part of the session setup, RTSP provides / negotiates codec
information along with bandwidth using SDP protocol. RADIUS does not get
involved in this process. I am trying to understand now, how you are
thinking of using RADIUS in the whole process. Are you suggesting that
after the session setup negotiations, the RTSP server (or the client ?)
talks to the RADIUS server, the RADIUS server then talks to RADIUS
client, the RADIUS client then talks to the policy enforcement point ? 



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David & All,

1) Yes, Attribute space is limited:

   I believe everybody thinks the attribute space is precious and I
think the reasonable proposals are  questioned based on this reason not
because of their merits/de-merits.

If the attribute space is not precious, then why is that the draft
dealing with LAN and WLAN specific attributes are not standardized. I
think the reason is VSA provide subtypes and this draft wants to
introduce handful of

attributes which we don't have space.  Right?

2)  QoS attributes:

    Even I don't believe in adding the all the QoS attributes under the
sun. At the sametime, I see a possibility for the need to change the QoS
attributes dynamically and it doesn't take much effort to standardize
them if we have some way to group them in one attribute.

3) Why should we handle QoS attributes in Radius:

It is a matter of choice and flexibility provided. For example, when I
watch a French movie DVD, I would like to see English subtitles. I can
switch on the subtitles using my remote  and the english menu is
provided by the DVD player (or) I can select an option in the movie menu
provided by

the particular movie DVD.  I like this option because I don't understand
French movie menu.

It is upto the Vendors to choose if they support this way handling the
QoS attributes or not. My argument is that why does the standard body
put the restriction?


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