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Re: [AAA-WG]: Question regarding IP Filter Rule

Avi Lior wrote:
Hi Jari,

You could use Framed-Route but now all traffic would be routed to the Portal

I think it would be more appropriate to introduce a new attribute so that:

A) the NAS would deal with the routing functions (as it always does) and the
Portal does not have to do it.

B) We would have the flexibility to decide whether to route all traffic or
just some traffic.


Are the redirection schemes used for payment? I.e. I need to log in to the
web page before I can continue? Or for something else?

There is a difference because if its used for payment, redirecting
just some protocols may leave a hole to the protocols. For instance,
I have sometimes succeeded in doing all my e-mail over SSH even if
there was some http-directing thing that prevented all web traffic.


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