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RE: QoS attributes

Hi Avi,

> I agree that we need a QoS Class Id, (or QoS-Bundle-Id).
> Would RADIUS only ever transport the QoS-Class-Id?

My thoughts are that a AAA system would only authorize for
a certain QoS Class, not necessarily authorize specific
QoS parameters.
> Also reading through some of the drafts you point to.  I 
> noticed that COPS is used.  I think that at least in certain 
> cases that  RADIUS/Diameter should be utilized instead of 
> COPS.  There certainly have been discussion on this.

I agree. I don't think that COPS is the proper mechanism,
though some people use it.  Most of the discussions I have
heard, as of late, seem to be about migrating to AAA mechanisms
for QoS authorization.


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