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RE: QoS attributes

Hi Jari,

> > My issue still is (without getting into specifics of QoS or WLAN 
> > parameters) how can bundle the parameters in a way that not every
> > single parameter has to be listed in a RADIUS RFC?
> Oh that's easy -- we can just put it in some opaque string, vendor
> specific attribute, or design some OID hierarchy around the 
> parameters.

Not that easy.  Lets take the case of bandwidth.  Lets say we allow
a single QoS parameter called bandwidth.  Sounds simple.  What does
the parameter denote? Average bandwidth (over what time?), instanteous
bw, minimum bw, maximum bw, maximum sustained bw, bw from the point of
monitor, bw to the end user?  How do the roaming partners agree on this.

After we settle this, I am sure some folks will want to add more QoS
paramter, like delay, jitter, packet loss, throughput, goodput ...
and so on.  At the end of the day, this becomes extremely complex and
(IMO) unmanagable.


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