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the new list


I am happy to see so many people subscribing to the resurgent list. I can only assume it is because there is a belief that that there is something useful that can be discussed and can be done.

I would like to invite people to start suggesting problems and issues that can be tackled by the RG.

Also I should let you know that I am looking for a co-chair. I would like to find someone who is more in the mainstream of router research then I am. Currently most of my routing focus has been on DTN routing which falls under the DTNRG, and on ForCES work in the IETF. I still maintain an strong interest is seeing new 'IDR' developments and still have a strong interest is seeing the RRG contribute some useful post-research input to the IETf routing area. If anyone has recommendations on a co-chair, please let me know. I will be working with Aaron and the IRSG to decide on a person once we find the right person.

So, please don't be bashful. Please use this list to start discussing some of those burning routing issues that are currently in the IETF Routing Area work list.

And thanks for subscribing.


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