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[RRG] New Co-Chair for RRG


As I mentioned a while back, I was looking for a co-chair for the routing research group. I was especially looking for someone who could get university research centers involved with the activities of the group.

After getting recommendations from various people, I have found someone who I both want to work with and who has agreed to take on the task, Dan Massey. For those who don't know him already, Dan is currently an Assistant Professor at Coloroado State (http:// www.cs.colostate.edu/~massey/ ). Before that he was a Principal Investigator on DARPA and NSF projects at ICI. Dan has also been participating in the IETF for many years now, and though quiet has been a member of this list for a while. Dan is also involved with academic conferences.

The plans we have discussed include Dan taking a lead on some RRG projects and getting some involvement for the RRG with research conferences such as Infocom or Sigcomm. I will let Dan tell you all more about his research interests and his ideas for the research group.

With hopes for a more active RRG focusing on some of the very real problems in routing, I welcome Dan as my co-chair.


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