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Networking and Internet Architecture
 received from  Tue 25 Oct 05 20:00:03 GMT  to  Wed 26 Oct 05 20:00:02 GMT
Paper: cs.NI/0510082
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:42:59 GMT   (96kb)

Title: Architectural Considerations for a Self-Configuring Routing Scheme
  Spontaneous Networks
Authors: Jos\'{e} Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin (LPT, FIUBA), Aline Carneiro Viana
  (IRISA / INRIA Rennes), Marcelo Dias De Amorim (LIP6)
Proxy: ccsd ccsd-00012694
Subj-class: Networking and Internet Architecture
  Decoupling the permanent identifier of a node from the node's
topology-dependent address is a promising approach toward completely
self-organizing networks. A group of proposals that have adopted such an
approach use the same structure to: address nodes, perform routing, and
implement location service. In this way, the consistency of the routing
protocol relies on the coherent sharing of the addressing space among all
in the network. Such proposals use a logical tree-like structure where
in this space correspond to routes in the physical level. The advantage of
tree-like spaces is that it allows for simple address assignment and
management. Nevertheless, it has low route selection flexibility, which
in low routing performance and poor resilience to failures. In this paper,
propose to increase the number of paths using incomplete hypercubes. The
of more complex structures, like multi-dimensional Cartesian spaces,
the resilience and routing performance due to the flexibility in route
selection. We present a framework for using hypercubes to implement indirect
routing. This framework allows to give a solution adapted to the dynamics of
the network, providing a proactive and reactive routing protocols, our major
contributions. We show that, contrary to traditional approaches, our
supports more dynamic networks and is more robust to node failures.
\\ ( http://arXiv.org/abs/cs/0510082 ,  96kb)

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