RGnet/PSGnet Peering Policy

For all trouble and problems with established peers peering@rg.net. Only for very serious emergencies call +1 206 780 0431 x1.

Organization   : RGnet/PSGnet
Seattle SIX    : AS3130    2001:504:16::c3a/64   AS-RGNET
Equinix Dallas : AS4128  2001:504:0:5::4128:1  AS-RG-DFW
Contact Email  : peering@rg.net
IRR Database   : RGNET (whois.rg.net), mirrored by radb, ripe, and verio

General policy for peering

If you agree to the above and wish to peer, please send the following information to our contact address, <peering@rg.net>.

Organization   : 
Peering Point  : 
ASN            : 
IP Address     : 
Contact Email  : 
AS Macro       : 
IRR Database   : 

And please DO NOT configure the BGP session until we have agreed and set a time to do so.